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England Before
Her Monarchs.

Geoffrey Ashe. The Discovery of King Arthur.
Background history of dying Rome and Dark Ages Britain as well as fascinating and essential stuff on the historical King Arthur.

J.P. Lappenburg. A History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings.
Long out-of-print text translated from the German in the 19th century. Verbose but stuffed with interesting anecdotes.

Edmund I,
Eadwig "the All-Fair,"
Edgar "the Peaceable,"
Edward "the Martyr,"
Edmund II "Ironside."

J.P. Lappenburg. A History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings.

Sir Frank Stenton. Anglo-Saxon England.
Scholarly and quite readable, but little biographical information.

Sharon Turner. The History of the Anglo-Saxons.
Also out-of-print, but worth looking for. Informative, careful, readable.

Douglas H. Ubelaker and Henry Scammell. Bones : A Forensic Detective's Casebook.
Has a section on the death of Edward the Martyr; fascinating even without that, however.

Ralph Whitlock. The Warrior Kings of Saxon England.
Detailed biographical information on the usually ignored kings, written in a flowing style.

Richard III.

Anthony Cheetham. The Life and Times of Richard III.
Good overview, but adds little to the subject.

Paul Murray Kendall. Richard the Third.
Best introduction to the subject; thorough & readable.

---. The Great Debate: Richard the Third.
Contains the texts of Sir Thomas More's book on Richard as well as Herbert Walpole's defense.

V.B. Lamb. The Betrayal of Richard III.
Passionate, well-argued defense of Richard.

Taylor Littleton and Robert R. Rea. To Prove a Villain: The Case of King Richard III.
Compilation of various material on Richard, including Shakespeare's play, excerpts frm the Croyland Chronicle and other sources, essays by A.L. Rowse and others, and the complete text of Josephine Tey's detective novel on Richard, The Daughter of Time.

A.J. Pollard. Richard III and the Princes in the Tower.
Beautiful volume stuffed with info and good arguments.

Charles Ross. Richard III.
Considered by most the definitive book on Richard.

Giles St. Aubyn. The Year of Three Kings: 1483.
Readable traditionalist viewpoint.

Alison Weir. The Princes in the Tower.
Same as the above, but less well-argued.

For further study:

James Gairdner. The Life and Reign of Richard III.
Classic traditionalist text.

Dominic Mancini. The Usurpation of Richard III.
Written in 1483; one of the few contemporary sources.

Sir Clements R. Markham. Richard III: His Life and Character.
One of the earliest and most inluential defenses of Richard.

The Richard III Society
Official site of the Society.

The Richard the Third Netring
The best of the non-society related sites are gathered together here.

List of Monarchs.

Britain Express: Ethelred, the Danes, and the Confessor Monarchs of England List of Anglo-Saxon Kings

The Kings and Queens of England

English Monarchs
Very enjoyable--check out the rhyme (even if it does speak of 'Dick the bad').